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We have hundreds of fabrics available to custom make you a futon cover. The standard sizes are listed in the images, but any size can be custom ordered. You can also bring your own fabric, but specific amounts are required so please talk to us before purchasing other fabric. 


The standard loft (thickness) is 6", but covers for mattresses less than 5" or more than 8" can be ordered. Loft alteration will change the price.


All custom covers have a three-sided zipper closure.


Custom covers start at about $100. 

Custom Futon Covers

  • We will help you make the perfect custom creation. Come in and look at our fabrics or ask us to pull specific styles or colors. Once you've chosen your fabric, pick the style, and we will have it ordered for you. Orders typically take about 7-10 business days. We are happy to ship to you if you pay the additional cost. 

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