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Change your mood, change your style. Or... you can change your style and change your mood. It works both ways. We've got a little bit of Chameleon magic going here and it's easy and fun. This handsome and versatile model, formerly called the Chamomile Bed, has now been tweaked in your favor. Right out of the box we give you a ready-to-use upholstered panel, covered in a tan suede-soft micro-fiber. Use it as it comes or wrap it in the decorator fabric of your choice.


This headboard can be used with either the P or K Series basic platform frame. It can be used with other frames, but you may need our adapter kit. 


The best part about this collection is that it is modular. You can add accessories at any time. Constructed from solid hardwood with stain. 10 year warranty.


Chameleon Customizable Platform Frame: P Series

Wood Finish
  • This price is for the headboard with the P series rails, slats, and footboard. It is also available in the K series and as a headboard only.


    There are two styles of platforms; P series and K series. P series frames are about 3” shorter than the K series frames. The drawers are also smaller. K series frames come with a footboard which blocks off the bottom of the bed. This footboard is extra with P series frames. Not all headboards are useable with either frame style. Twin or Full K series frames can also be used with the trundle.

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