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K series frames come with the footboard shown above. There are pictures of both K and P series to show each color.


This headboard can be used with either the P or K Series basic platform frame. It can be used with other frames, but you may need our adapter kit.


Blackpepper Platform Frame: K Series

Wood Finish
  • This price is for the headboard with the K series rails and footboard. It is also available in the P series and as a headboard only.


    There are two styles of platforms; P series and K series. P series frames are about 3” shorter than the K series frames. The drawers are also smaller. K series frames come with a footboard which blocks off the bottom of the bed. This footboard is extra with P series frames. Not all headboards are useable with either frame style. Twin or Full K series frames can also be used with the trundle.

  • K series frames are useable with the following accessories:

    -          Hook On Nightstand

    -          K Series/ Cinnamon

    -          Cinnamon Trundle

    -          Folding Foot Bench

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