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Custom Furniture

Our rustic custom furniture is typically built from Alder, Barnwood, or Log. The images and products below are examples of things we have made. You can customize most any aspect or have your own unique piece made. Custom furniture is made locally.

hand crafted locally made logo
Custom Wine Hutch
Decorated Alder Dining Table
Elk Lodge Bed Frame
Alder Dresser with Cabinet
Custom Alder Bed Frame
Custom Alder Dresser
Custom Alder Chest
Alder Hope Chest
Alder Hope Chest
Barnwood Dresser
Barnwood Frame with Open Trundle
Barnwood Bed Frame
Alder & Barnwood Headboard
Alder Platform with Storage
Barnwood Drawers
Barnwood Frame with Open Drawer
Custom Alder Dining Chair
Alder Dining Table
Alder Dining Table
Alder Sofa Table
Log High Chest
Log Nightstand
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